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* You can experience new funny and beneficial Zoog’s service!Zoog has 4 kinds of presents of secret present, appointment, online campaign, coupon. – Secret present If you want to surprisedly confess to your girlfriend(boyfriend) by sending secret message on their way, just using Secret Present of Zoog. Using Zoog, you can send a secret message that had a designated date&time, location&radius. When receiver go in registered radius at scheduled time, she(he) can read a secret present’s contents. Secret present’s status will be sent to sender as "arisen". On "around present screen", all user can see all arisen secret presents except sender&receiver information and can leave various comments. If Zoog is not installed on receiver’s smartphone. Sending message will be convert into SMS redirecting to install Zoog. After installing, receiver can get secret present. – Appointment(coming soon) Owner who is making promise can create new promise and send to friends with location information, etc. Receiver accepts request or not, that will be sent to owner and the other attendee. All attendee can get all information of promise and communicate with each other using online chat and comment. If attendee go in registered radius at appointed time, it can automatically check attendance. Also, they can leave a pleasant memory by using comment including photo. During appointed time, all attendee can check non-attendance’s distance from location where to meet to where she(he) is. And using 1:1 chat, they can communicate with each other. – Online campaign(coming soon) If you want to consult a wide spectrum of views from all walks of life as a person engaged in a social movement or etc, you can make online campaign to seek the concurrence or comment of walker based on specific location. Planner make campaign’s contents and register location and radius. If someone go in radius, getting campaign and can give concurrence or leave a comment what they think to share with everybody. Planner will have exact number of concurrence and gather comments to summarize as new opinion to show the public. – Coupon Do you want to increase sales of your store? But you have worry about expensive campaign cost or leaflet which do not guarantee effectiveness. Now, just use Zoog’s coupon. Zoog is the best & effective way to do promote sales with customers around store. It will be charged on accrued deal at least cost. That is you can do campaign using offers which can be provided by store for possible customers to increase sales at around store. Offers should be additional supply, discount, etc that will be benefit to customer, if not, your store can be registered as spam or banned to publish. All coupons will be published for free! When customer use coupon and store certificate it by registered password, commission will be deducted. Commission for one deal will be deducted by issued radius(100m-$0.1, 200m-$0.15, 300-$0.2, 500m-$0.3). When store’s first registration, $10 will be charged for free. After that you can recharge by using PayPal.

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