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Shake the phone and listen to the sounds of animals. ZooShaker is a virtual zoo. ZooShaker has Over 25 animals. ZooShaker is a great educational toy for teaching children about animals and their noises.Beautiful, crisp graphics and high quality sounds accompany each animal. Perfect for children ages 6 months and up! ZooShaker is entertaining for adults as well! Interact with the animals through a gallery view or through a 3d interactive globe.ZooShaker features over 25 different animals from all parts of the world including: bat, bear, bird, cat , camel, crocodile, chimpanzee, cow, cricket, dog, eagle, elephant, frog, hippopotamus, horse, lemur, lion, loon, mandrill, insect, orca, owl, parrot, pig, penguin, rattle snake, rooster, tiger, turkey, walrus, whale, wolf.Before your child can talk or read, ZooShaker will expose and educate your child to animals through touch, sight, and sound. These animals represent wildlife from every continent on planet earth. Five categories of animals are represented: sea creatures like the walrus and the whale, forest animals like the wolf, the bear and the owl, flying animals like the bald eagle the loon, desert animals including the camel and the rattlesnake, jungle animals include the tiger, the chimpanzee and a leaf frog. There are swamp animals such as the alligator. ZooShaker also features safari animals like the terrifying hippopotamus. Some animals are present all around the world like the horse, cats, insects and frogs and pigs! The turkey is an animal of the Americas.Full attribution list at privacy page. Joi Ito shot the frog.

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