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Frostcraft is a fun and interesting game for those of you who have children and want to develop their imagination and motor skills alike. Created by Cribys manufactory,  Frostcraft is definitely contradicting the mainstream opinion regarding arcade games, because it’s not violent and it doesn’t have a bad influence on the development of your children. Au contraire!

No matter how young your child is, Frostcraft will be a delight, with its easy as pie game play. Basically, you don’t need special skills in order to enjoy it, just a little bit of imagination and ingenuity.

Even if it is made for tablets only, Frostcraft will make for an excellent companion. The purpose of the game is to build a snowmen using your imagination as much as possible: from a “regular” snowmen to pirates or even  sumo snowmen.

There are quite a few unique features to the game, for example you have 23 levels, starting with the simplest and ending to the most sophisticated snowman. Another cool thing for your kid is that he/she will be able to “build” snowmen regardless of the season. It comes especially handy right now, when we’re confronted with the summer heat!


The game itself is pretty straight forward : all you have to do is to build your own snowman in order to match the snowman in the left of the screen. For doing that, you benefit from plenty of tutorials and tools, and after you’ve acquired the “skills” (which are minimal), you’ll find it impossible to stop playing. The game is highly interactive, for example you can decorate your snowman and modify the size of the snowballs with finger swipes. Frostcraft comes with very sharp and crisp graphics and high quality sounds, the music is very catchy and the price is the best in the world : absolutely free!

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