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How to create your own free video calling app

With an outbreak of SMBs, the business paradigm has shifted. The small and medium-sized businesses have become the backbone of the economy as they create about 2 for every 3 job opportunities. With this rising importance of small businesses, the IT departments all over the world have concentrated their attention on startups, outsourcing business partners, and other business owners. The business world is all set to be united and ready to collaborate with each other rather than going solo. This is where creating amazing apps such as a video calling app can come handy.

Incorporating a free video calling software for your business is bound to help you with better communication, data sharing, and time-saving. After all, despite its numerous benefits, written communication can never really replace face-to-face interaction. However, every business would want their apps to be perfect, bug-free, and allowing smooth communication. What’s the point of a video call if you are to spend half the time ensuring if the other person can hear you clearly? This is why it’s best to hire a professional service for building functional and user-friendly chat apps.

Why build a new app?

Various products are already available in the market for video calling. You can opt for Skype, WhatsApp video chat, and even Facebook video calls are gaining popularity. However, this will require you to exchange numbers and ids. The problem is that these apps do not look professional. Therefore, you need to build an app unique to your business requirements. Many software developing companies will customize an app specific to your needs. For example, you can turn to online forums for help. They can recommend you a variety of video calling and chatting apps that are quite impressive. AirG review can also give you insight into these apps.

Things to consider when creating your video calling app

Creating an app is not an easy business and developing a video calling app is even harder. You don’t have to fret though! By taking care of a few things, your application will turn out fine. Here are the points for you to consider when creating your own free video calling app:

  1. Considering your target audience

First things first, you need to identify your target audience. Is the application you are developing directed towards your customers or do you want to communicate with other businesses? Similarly, large companies require a video calling app for in-house communications as well. This is because the employees and employers are too busy that holding real meetings will only put a strain on their time and efficiency. Therefore, the first thing you need to consider is if the application is safe for making a conference call.

You will have to think about all your business requirements, which in turn depends on your target audience. If you are to use the video app to target customer services as well, then you should include an IM feature in your software. Any AirG review will tell you that knowing your customers’ needs will help you define your software.

Once you have identified the needs of your target audience, all you will have to do is add the required features in the prototype of your testing software. You can then customize it further and perfect it in the initial phase before your employees are even ready to work on any project.

  1. Some crucial video calling features to consider

To create the perfect video calling app and provide an outstanding experience to the users, go for the most popular features while keeping in view your requirements.

Here are some significant features for you to consider:

  • Group calls allow you to manage an on-the-go conference meeting. You can include as many as 50 users in a group call. You can use it to create a P2P (peer-to-peer) call that might consist of a listener, speaker, and a moderator.
  • Include security services, especially for video conferencing.
  • Desktop and screen sharing is a great feature since it allows you to display any document on your system to the audience.
  • Enable presentation and PDF file sharing.
  • Enable text messaging.
  • Allow the users to leave and view comments on the videos.
  • Let the receiver preview the call, allowing them the option to receive it or not.
  • Make sure the voices are always clear on all ends and minimize the noise factor as much as possible.
  1. Considering the application concept and design

If you have any fancy notions of creating a unique design for your video calling application, then you should drop it at once. Such applications look more or less same, and you need not go out of your way to add a creative touch to it. The reason: user-friendly design!

The purpose of your application is to make things simpler for both parties. The only thing you should consider regarding the design of your app is the simple user interface. It should be clean and fast to use. Add a caller list and a contact book to make calling and interacting more manageable and accessible.

  1. Consider the cost factor

There are a variety of options when it comes to building a video calling app. However, if you want a free version of the video calling app, you need to consider the cost factor when building one. Some factors determining the cost include space, time, specs, and availability.

Choosing what to keep and what to let go depends on every company’s aims. Therefore, it is your call which video calling features you will need and whether the app is for Android users or iPhone users or both. After that, you can add custom features available on reasonable price. Building voice rooms to the point that your design has no noise can cost you anything between $8 and $10,000.

You will have to make your choice after considering all your requirements and budget.

That is pretty much all the information you need when building a great video calling application. You are all set to do it now. Good luck!

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