10 reasons why your business needs a dedicated app

Gone are the days when only large businesses used to have online presence and dedicated apps for their customers. In today’s super competitive business climate, small and medium businesses are equally aggressive to grab the market share. With businesses offering more or less similar products and services, reaching out to customers and maintaining a steady customer relation is the key to success. Here developing a dedicated app for your business can definitely give you an edge over your competitors. How?

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Here are 10 reasons why your business needs a dedicated app:

  1. 1. Targeted market

When you are offering your products and services through an app, you are reaching out to the upper socio-economic class with more purchasing power. This class of people are mostly made of salaried individuals and skilled professionals with significant amount of surplus income. So, if they are visiting your app and like your products and services, chances are they’ll end up as your customers. Apart from ensuring a niche market with higher purchasing power, an app also lets your target people from any particular geographic location.


  1. 2. More conversion

Due to the intimate nature of a hand-held device, customers tend to make purchasing decisions faster on a mobile phone. Also unlike a desktop, most people have their smart phones with them most of the time. So, when it comes to quick purchases apps get preference automatically. Thus, by getting your business on an app, you can ensure higher ROI.


  1. 3. Better brand recall

When your dedicated app is sitting right on your customers’ smart phone screen, your brand is always at the top of their mind. With a full-fledged app, the brand value and brand recall increases significantly which in turn gets translated into sales figures.


  1. 4. Ease of access

In today’s fast paced life, none has an extra moment to spear; your customers are no different. By offering an app, you can get your business as close to the customer as possible. Now they don’t even have to log into a computer to access your products or services. They can reach your business with one touch on their smart phone screen. In today’s world where time is the most precious commodity, this is one point that can make all the difference.


  1. 5. Targeted promotion

In most cases when a customer downloads an app, he/she has to register with certain details. These details can be used to prepare more targeted in app promotions to boost sales. You can also tailor made your promotional offers according the customer’s activities and behaviours within the app.


  1. 6. Better visibility

No matter how good products or services you are offering, if your business lacks visibility it is of no use. Now getting visibility in the online space is pretty tough these days due to whopping number of websites. However, the promotional and cross selling feature of app stores make your mobile app visible to your customers, despite high competition. Also integrating your app with social media platforms boost visibility and brand recall.


  1. 7. Increased customer engagement

Almost all smart phone users check their mobiles the first thing after getting up. Thus, apps offer a deeper level of customer engagement that is not at all possible for an ordinary website. Apps make the entire customer relation process more intimate and personal.


  1. 8. Offer more customer insight

Apps offer customer behaviour analysis unparallel to any website. By offering an app to your customers, you’ll be able to gauge customer behaviour in all possible matrixes. The amount of time spent to make the purchasing decisions, search patterns, preferences, time of activities etc are mapped precisely by the app analytics. This data in turn is immensely helpful in chalking effective marketing strategy.


  1. 9. Offers newer monetizing opportunity

Apps not only increase your revenue manifold from the existing sales channels, but also open up newer ways of monetization. In app advertising is one of the greatest ways of monetise an app. You can also make it a paid application to diversify monetising opportunities.


  1. 10. Instant customer support

Last but not the least, a dedicated app lets your customers get in touch with you in the most convenient way. Through an app you can offer instant customer support, strengthening the relation with customers.

Well, these are 10 reasons why your business needs a dedicated app. Developing an app is no doubt a significant investment. But, keeping in mind the numerous ways in which your business can benefit from it, one must consider it to be a worthy investment. In today’s business environment getting your business on mobile app is the next big step for ensuring ROI.





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