5 Apps You Need To Start Blogging with Your Android Device

With the age of the internet is changing the way to acquire information and there is no looking back. In fact, most people are already thinking about a future without magazines and dailies appearing in vendor shops downstreet. This post explores 5 apps for bloggers, but first, let’s looks at the basics.

android apps for blogging

Emerging Trends

News sources, including bloggers, must rethink, rebrand and refine their trade of information dissemination.  Many a research paper writing service is not left behind in this revolution.  Knowing very well that today’s students are addicted to the internet than ever before means writing agencies must adopt seamless paper ordering processes.

Because bloggers always try to publish fresh information, there are days when one must disregard a publishing schedule. You want your readers to be the first group of people catching up with the latest juicy trending news about fashion, technology or any other niche in which you specialize.

It is All About Speed and Convenience

You will also agree that the blogging enterprise keeps expanding and with more joining the trade to share their musings, adventures, and experiences, choosing a suitable platform is paramount. Platforms like WordPress and Joomla have witnessed an exponential growth in preference by budding bloggers who want to share information with the world.

They also want to make quick cash on the go, at least, to take care of blogging expenses. And because walking around with a laptop is not always the best idea when it comes to publishing on the go, blogging Apps are becoming a new way of updating readers on the latest developments in the business, fashion, technology, education and other sectors. They are convenient and fast.

Top Android Apps for Bloggers

The following five Android apps will change your blogging experience forever:

1. WordPress App

WordPress platform is today’s most popular blogging platform on the web.  But that’s not all. The company has gone further to create WordPress app that makes blogging seamless and fast.  It would interest you also to note that today; over 10 million Android users have downloaded the App from Google Play Store.  So, if you are yet to do so, then you are missing a lot.

It is easier to create, edit, and publish posts with the App, including post scheduling. You can also monitor blog stats, access plugins, admin board and themes. Technically, all the features of WordPress Web platform offers have been compressed into an amazing app.

2. Blogger App

Google always has a way of making things easier. And with its Blogger App, which is very popular because of the free webmaster’s tools, what more could one need? Create post anywhere and publish with a single tap.

3. Tumblr App

The popularity of Tumblr continues to soar.  How else would one connect with a community of millions, including bloggers without an App that makes it more than easy to create and share articles, videos and photos? You cannot talk about blogging Apps without Tumblr making it to the list of the best.

4. Feedly

What do you get with Feedly App? Well, it is an amazing android app that lets you share connect, follow blogs, favorite content and be in the know about every day’s happenings. It is very useful for bloggers.

5. Weebly

Weebly App makes it easy to customize your blog. You can change themes, create and publish posts. If blogger or WordPress do not come any closer to first choices, then Weebly is always one of the best alternatives.

In summary, there are many Apps for writers who want to publish using their android phones. Term paper services are always developing their own, albeit, many already have. Finally, if you need help with writing a great article, Writemypaper123.com is only a click away.


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