5 Tips for Starting An Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce siteWhether you’re selling diamonds, DVDs or disco balls, you’re going to need an ecommerce store to take the business online. While the process is easier than you’d think, it isn’t entirely painless, so it’s best to have a battle plan before you proceed. If you’re ready to make some money off an online shop, here are five tips to help you begin.

1: Choose A Good Domain Name

Domains should reflect your business in a simple yet clever way. Avoid anything overly bland or cliche, but don’t make your name so complicated that customers can’t remember it on the first try. Remember, only a fraction of your visitors will be tech savvy. If they can’t plug it into the address bar and get results, they may not have the foresight to use a search engine.

2: Hire A Web Designer

Most first-time site builders aren’t skilled in things like CSS coding or drop-down menu layout options. That’s okay! You’re a CEO, not an artist. Just hire an expert web designer to build you a clean, neat, professional-looking site that will reflect your company’s values and put you on the map.

3: Get Familiar with Analytics

“Analytics” is a catch-all term for evaluating web traffic. You’ll want to know where you’re getting it, how you’re getting it, how you can improve it, et cetera. Google Analytics is by far the most popular tool for the job, but there are others as well. Find something that you can use comfortably; then work the numbers religiously.

4: Advertise Everywhere

Ecommerce Software

There’s no such thing as overexposure during the first year of your company launch. You’re new, and you’re competing with thousands if not millions of other retailers, so you should pull out all the stops to make sure people are visiting your site above all others. Promote yourself on social media; send out email newsletters and coupon codes; link your store on other industry sites.

5: Utilize Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce software is specially designed to help start-ups get their stores off the ground. For example, 1ShoppingCart will help you set up online shopping and payment processing options; similar programs might walk you through site organization or catalogue structure. If you’re serious about making a splash with your grand opening, let this software be your guide.

Every thriving business began with an idea and a blank webpage. Use these tips to build your company into something worthy of your money and your time.


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