4 Must-have Android Apps To Make It As A Beauty Professional

The life of a beauty professional may look all glamorous and full of vanity, but beauty schools don’t teach how to run a small business. More or less, all beauty professionals, at some point, feel the heat. After all, it’s not easy to run a small business and a little help, now and then, can go a long way.

Why is there a need for apps for beauty professionals?

The evolution of the digital space, it has given rise to numerous high-tech apps to revolutionize business. These apps allow beauty professionals to focus on honing their skills, creativity, and carving out passion, rather than being overloaded with how to run a beauty business.

So, be it marketing, managing clients, or payments, we have listed down five such must-have apps to hit the bull’s eye as a beauty professional. So, now say goodbye to all the worries, that late-night to chalk out a marketing plan and rather, focus on enhancing skills.

Marketing your business

In today’s world, the biggest challenge is bringing in new customers to drive profit and retaining customers. Unfortunately, state-of-art-equipments, upscale salon décor, and even your talent are not enough to get more customers. And this is where a lot of beauty professionals go wrong. They run behind making a better marketing plan rather than keeping it up for expert marketers.

Now, it’s time to shift the responsibility for professionals, like StyleBiz or Insight, that can be the go-to app for a lot of beauty professionals. This app help run the entire marketing effort directly from your smartphone. Besides just the Stylebiz app, one can also take advantage of social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to meet business goals.

1. Stylebiz

Stylebiz is a great app that is carefully tailor-made for salon business marketing strategies and tools to add value for money. It helps reach/interact/engage with both new and existing customers with relevant content on their social media, personal emails through promotional content, loyalty programs, and top-notch advertising.

2. Insight

Insight salon management app provides every salon professional/owner with a dedicated, one-on-one service to create value for their business. This app also provides you with an accounting bookkeeper, virtual assistant, along with a custom made marketing plan to help the business meet its goals. It also includes features, like gift card tracking, online booking, payment gateways, etc. to expand your business.

Beauty Trends

A beauty professional needs to be updated about the beauty trends and styles as nothing is more important than keeping up with the latest trends in the beauty industry. That’s why to keep up with the latest trends, nothing can beat Beautylish.

3. Beautylish

The Beautylish app is the one-stop app to know all about the latest trends on makeup hair, and styling. This app provides you with step-by-step instructions to help achieve certain styles from well-known salon owners and make-up artists. So, this app comes handy in the time of experimenting with new trends on your client. Let this app provide you with the right inspiration and can be the next source of beauty knowledge.

Accepting payments

The salon business can come to a standstill if there’s a problem with payment acceptance. Expanding the business also means incorporating online payment, accepting credit cards, mobile transactions to be on par with the digital world. When the whole world is growing digitally, it’s time to scale up and not lose out clients because of this.

4. Square

New technology apps, like the Square, have made the payment processing systems super easy. Be it a small business or a chain, there is no need to invest in expensive software systems and registers now. This mobile payment processors use smart devices in the salon-like your tablet or smartphone. Customers can also pay tips in a jiffy from the convenience of the swivel chair.

This is a financial management and maintenance app that aids the beauty professionals to focus on their customers more and not worry about managing the finances. It also reduces a professional’s time that they spent normally spent on paperwork and filing out the taxes. It takes the responsibility as a virtual accountant that create a regular sales report, refund details, finance reports, and other such paperwork so that the beauty professional can stay at the top of their game.

The Sum Up

One just doesn’t have to struggle to make a breakthrough in the beauty industry. There is no need to be a marketing junkie to be able to pull off some amazing marketing strategies to attract more customers. However, these five apps can put an end to those worries and help the beauty professionals be more productive, and attract better and retain their current client base.

Just take advantage of these apps and scale up the dream business

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