Airpush SDK 6.0 released: Adds in-app banner ads, developer analytics tools, and more


Airpush, the second largest mobile ad network for Android developers, recently announced the release of Airpush SDK version 6.0. This brings a number of major changes to the platform that will benefit not just Android devs but Android end users as well.

One of the biggest changes to Airpush in the latest SDK release is the addition of in-app banner ads, which is expected to drive higher revenue for developers who may now use it on top of notification tray ads that get sent to user devices via push notification.

Another big change is the introduction of new and improved advanced developer tools, which now offer devs access to certain analytics tools that can only help them maximize revenue while increasing app user satisfaction.

Other Airpush SDK 6.0 highlights include push ad enhancements, which improve on the original Airpush push ad design, as well as SmartWall upgrades for rich media and video, which give developers more options for presenting users with ads as part of their apps.

The release of the latest SDK was also announced alongside info that Airpush is now being used in 90,000 apps, and that developers who have signed up to become part of the platform are now getting their share of a total of $4 million USD in monthly payouts.

I’m an Android developer. Should I be excited about this?

We did a couple of interviews with Airpush back in 2011 wherein it was explained why, if you’re an Android developer, you should keep a close eye on it as an advertising platform if not immediately sign up to become a part of it yourself. Since our last interview with them, the number of apps that are using Airpush has multiplied nearly ten-fold, and we’re almost certain that this number will only increase in the future.

The most relevant bit of news here for you is probably the addition of in-app banner ads in the latest Airpush SDK. Airpush started out eschewing the more common in-app banner ad format when it first launched, and that was part of its appeal. Now, developers that are part of the Airpush network can benefit from the use of not just the push notification ads, but traditional in-app ads as well.

I’m just a regular Android user. Should I be worried?

The fact that Airpush utilized push notification to deliver ads that appeared on a device’s notification tray seemed to make a lot of users angry in the beginning. It was seen as particularly annoying as the ads kept popping up even when a user was not using an app — and that was the point.

Now, as a user, you may encounter push notification ads and in-app ads too from the same application. Is this something to be concerned about? Airpush says no. The company already learned its lesson two years ago, and as such there is a universal and permanent opt-out option available for all push notification ads. This way, you can at least take care of half of …read more

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