Amazon Kindle Android App Gets a Much Needed Update

The Amazon Kindle App for Android has just been updated to a newer version after a long awhile. The new version has upped the Android app into version 3.1 and has quite a few changes brought in, specifically with regards to the app’s overall interface. The app also has a couple of new things in store for Android Honeycomb tablets running the app. According to the app’s change log, the following new features were introduced:

  • New home experience with easy access to store
  • Access book recommendations in your library
  •  In-app upgrade notifications
  • Several bug fixes

These are in addition to previous features brought into version 3.0 the last time the app was updated:

  • A new layout for newspapers and magazines designed for the unique interface of Honeycomb tablets, and dozens of other new enhancements to take advantage of the larger screens.
  • Seamless integrated shopping experience tailored for Honeycomb tablets
So now after you’ve updated your installation in case you have installed the app before, you’ll be greeted by a simple home screen with four menu options on top namely, Home, On Device, Archive and Store. Once you’ve downloaded all your purchases from the App store, you’ll see their book covers lined up for you at the center of the screen. Just below these items are Amazon’s recommendations for you. Tapping on “On Device” lists down all your ebooks stored on your Android device, Archive lists down all your purchased ebooks and Store opens up of course the Amazon Kindle Book Store.
Of course, the bug fixes are also worth noting as the app is now more stable and runs smoother on your Android smartphones and tablets.
Kindle for Android app is available now as a free download from the App Store.
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