Android 2.1 OTA Update for Droid and Cliq

Motorola has recently released the Android 2.1 software update. This update should automatically download to all Droid phones. I have to admit, the update for my phone automatically downloaded and I didn’t even notice a difference. If you didn’t notice, either, here’s a rundown on what has changed. One of the biggest changes ushered in by 2.1 is the new Speech-to-Text option. Instead of typing in search options, now users are able to say what they want to search for and the phone will automatically convert your words to text. If you love to share you Droid photos with all of your friends, the 2.1 software update makes this easier than ever. By holding your finger on the picture you want to share, you will trigger the sharing menu. With this menu you can share photos through Facebook, messaging, Picasa, Bluetooth, Photobucket, Twitter and Gmail. Your music got tweaked, too. Now the music application features tab navigation for easier song finding. Here are some other changes that come with 2.1:

  • Droid phones can now use “Live Wallpapers,” which are interactive and animated wallpapers. Security for your phone has been boosted. Unauthorized pattern lock bypass is now prevented thanks to the new update.
  • You battery will last longer with the new ongoing battery life optimization.
  • Removing unwanted email accounts is easier.
  • Pinch-to-zoom feature functions better.

Now that you know that your phone is different, go explore the new features with confidence!

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