Android loses ground vs iOS in web traffic, according to analyst

web traffic If Android is the crowned king when it comes to smartphones and OS market share, iOS still reigns in web traffic data, according to analyst from Piper Jaffrey, Mr. Gene Munster. In the US, iOS managed to get ahead Android in terms of web traffic for two months in a row now. In layman’s terms, it means that when it comes to mobile traffic, there are more people using an iOS device for surfing the web than those using Android running smartphones or tablets. For April, the web traffic market share looks like this : iOS has 69 % while Android has second place with only 26.5%. This represents an increase  from March, when iOS scored 66.4% and Android 28.7% , it looks like Apple is on the up and up and Android users are lagging behind, wake up people! Actually, this situation does look pretty awkward, since Android OS is dominating the smartphone market, how come it loses in web traffic data? web traffic 1 There are three possibilities, according to Munster: First, web traffic data covers just the US market, where Apple dominates and iOS still reigns in terms of market share.Second, iOS users are more active in buttoning their devices than Android aficionados. Third, since the report took into consideration web traffic from both tablets and smartphones, Apple emerges as a winner. This is due to the fact that tablets generate much more traffic than smartphones and the iPad is the most popular tablet in the US market by a long shot. Anyway, the report is not exhaustive, since it doesn’t offer a relevant picture of the entire web traffic. The study was taken on the web traffic from just 10 of the top 100 mobile web sites, among them ChaCha,, Examiner,Linkedln,Squidoo,Hubpages and the like. On the other hand, there were other reports in the past which revealed similar data, i.e. the December study from the Chitika (a web analytics company) that showed a market share of 67% for iOS in web traffic while Android had only 33%. Source : Apple  

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