App Review – The BorneoWild Guide

Some people eat shrimp while others keep them as pets. I fall into the latter category, and recently stumbled across an Android app called The BorneoWild Guide. If you use BorneoWild’s range of food and supplements you’ll want to keep reading as this is one handy little app to have on hand. If you keep or breed freshwater shrimp you have probably used Borneo’s products, and you probably know just how difficult it can be to figure out dosages for feeding and supplements. Different products require different dosages and then you’ve got to take into account the tank size, substrate, etc… The BorneoWild Guide helps make all these calculations much easier with its Dosage Calculator, Tank Calculator, and Set Up A Tank features. The Dosage & Tank Calculators let you figure up things like the amount of soil needed, pH/gH regulation, fertilizer, water hardness, and even what to use for breeding. All of the calculators are easy to use and just require you to input a little information about your tank or basic setup. The Set Up A Tank tab is very handy for newcomers to the hobby as it walks you through setting up a new planted tank or shrimp tank step-by-step with pictures and useful information. While the BorneoWild Guide is not going to be an app for everyone it is a great app to have on hand if you deal with freshwater shrimp. It’s also the only app out there that I could find for hobbyists so a big thanks goes out to developer Sri Shukla for putting this app out there. If you’re in the hobby or are thinking about setting up a freshwater tank and want to try The BorenoWild Guide out you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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