Apps Which Can Help You Social Distance

In the face of the ongoing troubling global pandemic that is the Coronavirus, social distancing has become the new normal. As more people are choosing or otherwise being forced to stay home, school, work, and everyday communication hinge so much on technology.

Here are some apps that will no doubt help you with successful social distancing

1. Communication Apps

This category covers chat apps like Blackberry Messenger (BBM) WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and Telegram Messenger, among many others. Slack keeps instant messaging, text, and email all in one app and has become a popular choice for work-related communication. There has also been quite a surge in the number of downloads and user activity on Microsoft’s Teams app.

Video apps such as Zoom and Skype also rightly fall under this category. Organizations world over, schools as well as small groups of friends and family continue to stay in touch with these videoconferencing apps.

2. Banking Apps

Remember when you had to put up with standing in line at banking halls to conduct your transactions? The queues are definitely not as long anymore, but you can avoid going to the bank entirely by installing the banking apps on your phone or PC.

You can conveniently transfer funds across different accounts, carry out e-commerce transactions, and pay for your utilities, among other transactions. You can always talk to a representative of your bank about what apps are available for its clients.

3. Entertainment and Gaming Apps

All work and school will surely turn you into a dull one. There is such a wide range of apps to choose from in this category and to each their own, depending on what you enjoy.

There are music apps for creating and listening to music such as Google Play Music, Spotify, and Shazam. If you want a good laugh, Tik Tok has it all; right from dancing and lip-syncing to comic acts and videos of families goofing around having wholesome fun. You can catch the latest TV shows and movies on popular apps like Netflix, IMDb Movies & TV Shows, and Showmax.

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4. Work Out and Physical Fitness Apps

Neglect your workout routine, and you are more than likely to come out of this period with a few extra pounds. Even as you plan to take walks around the block, installing a physical fitness or work out app can go a long way to help you stay healthy and fit.

There are video-guided exercises and workouts that you can follow. Fitbit Coach, Shred, Workout Trainer, and FitOn, are a few examples of top-rated workout apps. Others, such as Aaptiv, are audio-based, and you don’t have to worry about pulling out your phone for the exercises.

5. Learning Apps

While you may not earn yourself a degree from it, you can learn something new or even take up a refresher course right on your phone. You will find hundreds of classes on just about any topic offered by different universities on learning apps such as EdX.

These apps provide the perfect opportunity to further your education and expand your knowledge without having to spend so much on tuition.

6. Apps for Corona Information and Updates

You will find verified information and updates about the Coronavirus on Apple’s Covid-19app. The WHO Info app and the Coronavirus app are also excellent picks for these updates and analytics.

Suspect you may have contracted the virus? Check and screen the symptoms you may be experiencing in the app. You can also find invaluable information on social distancing and other guidelines meant to prevent the spread of the virus. You can also easily navigate to view the statistics, including the number of infections and recoveries.

Even as the debate on the efficacy of contact tracing apps continues to take center stage, you can be sure that the highlighted apps will help with your social distancing efforts. You can stay entertained, learn, take care of your finances, keep fit and more, with the right apps.

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