Avast! Mobile Security gets an Update

While some may insist that Android smartphones do not require an anti-virus application like computers do, with smartphones becoming more popular and having the ability to do many tasks that were traditionally only able to be done on a computer such as browsing the internet, it makes sense that virus creators will target smartphones as well as PCs. Some of the major computer anti-virus companies have released Mobile security apps including AVG and Avast. Avast is perhaps one of the better ones available currently and they have just updated the Android app to make it even better.

Not only can the Avast Mobile Security Android app protect you against potential Android smartphone viruses but, the Avast mobile application also provides an anti-theft element. Currently, it’s more likely that you’re smartphone will be stolen rather than get infected with a virus and with the Avast Mobile Security app, you can sign in to a website and track where your phone is. Not only can you locate where your phone is on a map but, you can also remotely lock the phone and you have the added ability to wipe the phone remotely. As well as the new web interface for tracking your phone, other new features in the update include a new homescreen widget, network meter and ‘Site Correct’. With the network meter you can track how much data has been used, both outgoing and incoming. While the ‘Site Correct’ feature automatically corrects misspelled URLs. If you haven’t already got the Avast Mobile Security app on your phone, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

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