Beware of Virus Shield, the Paid but Fake Anti Virus Android App on Google Play

virus shield

Virus Shield, the First Paid But Fake Antivirus Android App on Google Play Store


Virus Shield is one beautiful, cool sounding and paid for Android app, available on Google Play,which comes with great promises : it will save you from those pesky viruses from the Internets, it will speed up your droid, it will bring sunshine on your street and will put a smile on your sad face. For just $3.99, and that sounds like a bargain. Right? Well, that’s cute, but wrong. You’ve just wasted $3.99 because Virus Shield is as fake as a $3 bill.

We all love our droids and online security really is an issue. The scam is exploiting our deepest fears and concerns, and from this point of view, drop of the hat for Deviant Solutions, the company that created the fake anti-virus app.

virus shield

While the vast majority of antivirus apps are free to download, if you want “the best of the best” and lots of features, like a firewall or cloud backup, you’ll have to cough up some bucks. The sucky thing is that you can pay real $ on the Google Play Store for such an app and what do you get in return? Not only an absolutely useless application, but sometimes you can get blessed with malicious software. Yes, those things actually happened in the past.

10 000 Downloads in Just a Week

Over 10 000 users were tricked by the fake Virus Shield app (they paid for it and installed it) and the mastermind behind the scam got $40.000 richer. The only good side of the story is that the Virus Shield does absolutely nothing, I mean it doesn’t install anything malicious or dubious on your droid.

The weird thing is that the app has a 4.7 rating based on the reviews from the users (1700 of them), proving that placebo works like a charm in any field. If you want to avoid being a victim of counterfeiters, you’ll have to download apps only from known and trusted companies/publishers and report anything fishy before you buy.


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