Black Conservative Candace Owens Suspended by Twitter For Changing NYT Bigot’s Tweets From “White” to “Black” and “Jewish”

If you’re not Mr. Current Affairs, let me bring you up to date real quick: the New York Times announced earlier this week their newest addition to the newspaper’s editorial board: an Asian (South-Korean) chick named Sarah Jeong. Sarah worked previously for The Verge before jumping ship to the NYT.

Funny thing is, internet diggers quickly discovered that Sarah’s Twitter feed was filled with racist comments directed at whites.

The New York Times didn’t seem to care much about these findings, as they hired and then defended Sarah’s tweets via an official statement which depicts the Asian chick as the victim in all this extravaganza:

And now this: a well known black conservative chick, Candace Owens, tried an interesting experiment, as she mimicked Sarah Jeong’s tweets, but with a little twist:


Her account was reinstated by Twitter on Sunday:

Twitter claimed on Sunday that they’ve banned Candace’s account in error:

“Twitter takes reports of violations of the Twitter Rules very seriously. After reviewing your account, it looks like we made an error. This was our mistake and we’ve apologized to the account owner for the error –Daily Caller


It would be interesting to learn from Twitter’s luminaries what actually constitutes (in their view at least) harassment and racism, since the “thin red line” seems to move all over the place, depending on who said what, if you know what I mean. Candace Owens was simply imitating another racist. People just want the hypocrisy and double standard out of the equation, as we are all for free speech, but not so much for the blatant double standard!

Now, If you ask me, Jeong is perfect fit for the NYT, as an ungrateful immigrant from a country saved and defended by hundreds of thousands of American “white men; she’s also Berkeley and Harvard indoctrinated, and an overt racist. Now she’s able and willing to spread her hate via the NYT opinion board without signing her name to their BS. Win-Win.

And if she gets canned from NYT, she can always get a job at Salon.

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