Defeat the Wizard and Save your Girl in One Tap Hero from Coconut Island Games

one tap heroThe developers at Coconut Island Studio made a lot of gamers happy when they released Finger Balance for Android, and last week they dropped another brought another excellent game over to Android with One Tap Hero. Screenshot_2013-06-07-16-33-39One Tap Hero is the story of love, evil wizards, and teddy bears. It’s also a one-touch game which means anything you need to do in the game simply requires you to tap the screen. Whether you want to jump, climb a ladder or flip a switch, you just have to tap. The game is an auto-runner as well, so your character is always in motion. He’ll turn himself around if he runs into a wall, but you’ll have to think fast and guide him along if you want to make it through the colorful worlds on One Tap Hero. The game appears to have plenty of depth (100 levels), and there are some great looking costumes you can unlock in the Shop. A lot of games offer up “one-touch” gameplay, but most have a hard time pulling it off. That’s not the case with One Touch Hero as it’s a blast to play, and very hard to put down. It’s free, but ad-supported and they can be a bit obtrusive at times. You can remove the ads for $0.99 or unlock everything in the game for $1.99. Either way you go, its money well spent. If you dig platform games you’ll definitely want to check out One Tap Hero, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

One Touch Hero

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