Disney releases Monsters U: Catch Archie

monsters uSummer is a great time for blockbuster movies and hot new video games. Monsters U: Catch Archie may not be considered “hot”, but it is tied into an upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster from Disney by the name of Monsters U. monsters.u-android1Monsters U: Catch Archie is an endless runner that follows Mike as he tries to catch a pig over at the University. It’s no ordinary pig – its Archie the Scare Pig, and he’s the mascot for the rival school Fear Tech. If you’ve played an endless running game, you’ll have no problem getting down to business in Monsters U: Catch Archie as it uses standard swipe controls to keep Mike on his feet. The game does mix things up a bit by using landscape mode, and once you catch up with Archie you’ll have to tame him through a touch-based mini-game to finish out the level. There’s not a lot to see in the extras department, but there are some boosts that become unlocked as Mike levels up. There’s not a lot to Monsters U: Catch Archie as there are only levels and no real extras to speak of. It’s actually a shame as I enjoyed the new running angle, and it’s a great looking game… just way too short. That being said, it’s a movie tie-in game and it’s free so you can’t really expect an award winner. If you’d like to give it a go, you can pick up Disney’s Monsters U: Catch Archie on Google Play.

Monsters U: Catch Archie

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