Dolphin Android Browser Updated, Now Features Webzine

Dolphin Browser, a popular third-party, alternative browser for Android devices was just updated bringing in several new features that enhance the app’s functionality more. Specifically, this Android browser now lets you use gesture commands to execute normal phone functionality. For example, you can draw the “f” symbol and the browser will load the Facebook mobile site. Drawing a circle refreshes the page you are currently browsing among other useful gesture commands. Also new to the browser is the “Dolphin Webzine” feature which allows you to create “webzines” of sites you frequently visit using your Android phones. The browser uses the websites’ RSS feeds to create the content of these webzines. In a way “webzine” simplifies the presentation of the website, making it faster to load and cleaner to look at. Somehow, the “Dolphin Webzine” looks a lot similar to how the Google Reader app for Android displays RSS content. The “Dolphin Webzine” feature is actually pretty cool, although not as powerful as other similar apps that present news feeds in more advanced way such as Pulse Android app. Still, it’s worth looking at and might make you use Dolphin Browser as your Android devices, ¬†mobile web browser to replace the default one. Dolphin Browser is available as a free download from the Android Market, it works great for both Android phones and Android tablets.  

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