Dolphin Browser HD updated to version 8.7, now known simply as Dolphin Browser

As third party browsers go, Dolphin Browser HD is pretty much the king. With so many features that users love and features that would be a blessing on the ‘official’ browsers of mobile phones, Dolphin is a joy to use. With that in mind, the news that the Dolphin Browser HD has just received a big update is exciting us more than just a little bit. Version 8.7 of the browser is now available and to kick the changes off, Dolphin have chosen to rename their browser from Dolphin Browser HD to a simplified ‘Dolphin Browser’. Not a huge change perhaps but, Dolphin wanted to make the name “less of a mouthful” for everyone by dropping the ‘HD’ from the name. This doesn’t mean that the browser is dropping it’s high definition aims, just that it is easier to say now! Other changes to the browser in this update aim to make the whole user experience smoother and simplified. There is a new, simplified design for the address bar which offers more “search suggestions, a cleaner interface and larger space for big thumbs and small keypads”. The interface is also more suited towards Android tablets and there is an extra landscape search tweak for Samsung Galaxy S3 (with Ice Cream Sandwich) users. With v8.7 there is now an option to place a shortcut to Sonar onto your homescreen, allowing quicker access to voice controlled browsing, which uses Android’s voice API, on your mobile or tablet through the Dolphin Browser. This update also allows browser organization to become easier and quicker with added bookmark deletion and management tools. The update and Dolphin also promises stability and performance enhancements to the browser, as we’d expect including a faster and more stable Dolphin Connect sync. The all new v8.7 of Dolphin Browser is available on the Google Play store now and as ever, is a free download. Dolphin Browser

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