Dolphin Browser HD Updated with Some Nice Features

It was not so long ago when Dolphin Browser HD was updated to bring in some nice, new features specifically webzine and here it goes again with another update. The new version of the app will surely please current user of the Android browser as well as possibly entice those who haven’t used the Android app yet, to get the app and install it in their Android devices. The updated Dolphin Browser HD has some new features for the browser’s Webzine mode. Specifically support for landscape mode, option to change text size when reading in Webzine mode, the ability to share Webzine content to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, the ability to add publishing date and update notification to Webzine column as well as some bug fixes that reduces crash bugs for both Webzine and the browser. Additionally, the new version of the app now supports Bookmark Sync add-on which lets you sync bookmarks via your Dolphin account. So, if you have not created an account yet, now is probably the right time to do so to enjoy this feature of the app. The update also lets you add entry to exit Dolphin directly. You can do this be simply clicking Menu -> Exit. You can also now add Hot Apps to Speed Dial and gestures recognition was tweaked a bit to improve it accuracy. So, what are you waiting for, check “My Apps” from the Android Market on your phone and grab the updated Dolphin Browser HD now.

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