Doodle with Disney in ScribbleMix for Android

scribblemix-androidDisney has published some great Android games over the past year, and they recently added a new one to their catalog with ScribbleMix for Android. It’s a doodling scribblemix-1game in the vein of Draw Something, but with Disney’s trademark flair. ScribbleMix lets you play “Guess the Doodle” with your online friends or random opponents. The setup will certainly look familiar as it’s the same one used by every other drawing guessing game. You basically pick a category and draw whatever it throws your way. You take turns guessing and drawing with your opponent, and you’re rewarded with coins and gems for playing. The tools are standard, but the things it gives you to draw are not. As ScribbleMix is a Disney game you’ll have the opportunity to draw characters from the House of Mouse. Monsters University gets a big plugscribble as you’ll be able to use any of those for free, but re-spins and additional characters will cost you. Your loot can also be used in the shop where you can buy additional colors along with coin and gem packs. ScribbleMix is a solid drawing game that’s worth a look if you’re tired of Draw Something or similar games. I can’t say that it stands head and shoulders above the competition, but the things it gives you to draw are a hoot – they’ve really put some crazy combinations into the game. If you’re feeling creative, you can pick up ScribbleMix for free on Google Play.


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