Escape the Rooms in Dooors from 989works


There are a lot of “escape the room” type games out there, and elevators & doors seem to be the new trend. Dooors from 989works is one such game, and it’s really going to challenge your wits along with your patience. There is no storyline, heroes, villains or worlds to save in Dooors. It’s simply you in a room with only one way out… the door. Each stage throws you a different door to unlock and the way you’ll have to go about that varies greatly from stage to stage. Some stages require you to tilt your phone to move objects and uncover clues while others have you turning off light switches or moving random objects. There’s also an inventory at the bottom of your screen that lets you use any items you find within the game. I’m not sure how many levels there are in the game; it shows 25, but there are 10 blacked out tiles after that. You can go back and select any room you want though which is handy if you want to puzzle a friend with a tricky level.


Dooors is a solid puzzler that will definitely make you scratch your head. I’ve been stumped several times already, and I’m sure it will happen several more times before I finish the game. There’s not a hint system available, but the market description is full of them as a lot of people become puzzled by different stages. If you’re ready to strain the brain you can head on over to Google Play and pickup 989works Dooors for free.  

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