Fire a Few Corks with PopCork Pirates! for Android


If there was one toy that I drove my parent’s nuts with growing up it was a cork gun. Now thanks to PopCork Pirates! I can play with a cork slingshot on a pirate ship! Are you confused or Intrigued? No matter how you feel one thing’s for certain, PopCork Pirates! is great for some mindless fun. PopCork Pirates! is a shooting game of sorts as you’ll take aim at lots of different objects setup in the bow of a pirate ship. The point of the game is to collect treasure which you’ll earn by knocking objects off the ledge with corks fired from a slingshot. Well, you start out with a slingshot, but you can upgrade your weapons as the game progresses to what looks like a pistol and possibly a blunderbuss. Your ammo is limited and five corks will cost you a coin; when you miss a target you’ll lose a cork and when you’re out you’ll have to buy more from Kuma the bear. There are well over 100 treasures to collect along with plenty of gun and ammo upgrades. The physics also seem to be tight as you’ll have to aim differently on different objects depending on its weight and size.


PopCork Pirates! is a great little game if you’re bored and want to kill some time shooting corks. There’s a surprising amount of depth there with the large amount of treasures available, and it’s pretty damned addictive as well. If you enjoyed the original PopCork! or just want some mindless fun there’s no doubt you’ll want to pick this one up. You can get Colopl Inc’s PopCork! Pirates for free on Google Play.

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