Firefox 16 Beta for Android released by Mozilla

Yesterday we reported that Mozilla had released version 15 of their Firefox Android app. At the time we said that while they may not have been super quick with ported the popular browser to Android, they were certainly making up for that by constantly improving the app and now we have news of Firefox 16 beta. Available on the Google Play Store already, users can download the beta version of Firefox 16 by Mozilla which again adds a few new features to the Firefox Android browser as well as some improvements and fixes. In Firefox 15, Mozilla fixed the text selection but, it seems that it wasn’t fixed completely as the change log states that the text selection has now been fixed for static web pages. Javascript responsiveness has also been improved for Firefox 16. There are two new features that have been included with the next version of Firefox: Reader Mode and a Share Button. The Share button, as the name suggests allows you to share web pages with friends. Currently however, you can only share pages via text message, email or Bluetooth but, it’s very likely that by the time Firefox 16 is released as a stable version it will also support Facebook sharing and most probably Twitter as well. The reader mode adds a ‘reader’ button to the Awesome Bar that was implemented in version 15 of Firefox. In reader mode you can read content without the intrusion of ads. You can also adjust the font size for better readability and reformat images. Basically, reader mode lets you read content easier and is a feature already implemented on some phone’s default browser, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. Like the stable version of Firefox 15, this beta version of Firefox 16 is free to download. As it is a beta version however, there may be some bugs in the app and may not be as smooth as Firefox 15.

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