Firefox for Android Updated To Include Multiple Speed Enhancements

Just as we announced last week, Mozilla was planning a big update for the Firefox Android browser that would launch sometime this week.  Today, Mozilla went ahead and updated the app in the Google Play Store and revealed what critical changes took place. To begin, Mozilla emphasized speed throughout the update and it made the browser start up and load pages much faster than before.  The user interface is said to be completely redesigned to offer a newer and sleeker look for users.  In addition, panning and zooming on pages are now performed faster thanks to a change in the underlying software architecture.  The new update even allows for Firefox add-ons, tabbed browsing, Flash support, and Firefox Sync. Individuals trying out the updated browser claim it is operating much faster.  Whether you are content with your stock browser, Chrome for Android, Opera, or another browser, it may be worthwhile giving the Firefox for Android browser another whirl simply to see if the new update makes it operate faster for you.

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