Foursquare develops new Android tablet UI ahead of iOS

Foursquare tablet UI update

There are times when Android gets the drop on iOS. It’s still pretty sparse, but it happens. Developers are increasingly aware of Android as a primary platform to develop for, and are doing so more often.

Though it happens, the tablet sector is still tough for Android. It hasn’t been very long that Android has been serious about tablets, only in the past year or so asking developers to be mindful of those screen sizes. While the iPad still has the advantage for tablet apps, Foursquare has taken an important and interesting step in developing a UI for Android tablets before iOS. The app will now take advantage of the larger screen sizes with an updated “explore” experience, as well as updated map browsing features. The iPad will continue to suffer a stretched iPhone version for the time being.

Foursquare is a relatively popular app, so their dedication to Android updates before iOS suggest they experience more success on the platform. It’s especially interesting that the updated their tablet experience ahead of iOS. It may be hard to think that most users of Foursquare are using tablets, but perhaps most of those who do are using an Android tablet.

Whatever the reason, we think it’s pretty cool, and commend Foursquare for their commitment to Android. We hope this is one of the first signs that more developers will be doing this. Android now leads in the tablet market, so there’s no reason not to.

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Via: Android Authority

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