Free QuickOffice for Android Users plus 10 GB of Drive Storage


Good news for Android users out there, because today Google announced in a blog post that you can now freely download QuickOffice for Android and iOS.

This means, of course, that you can view and edit Microsoft Office documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc instantly, without having to pay for it. And that’s as cool as it gets!

The free QuickOffice for Android can be easily downloaded directly from Google Play store or, if you’re on the dark side, from the Apple’s app store. All you have to do is to sign in with your Google account. QuickOffice comes with a cool widget that lets you access your favorite files very quickly.

Another incentive for downloading the free QuickOffice for Android is that if you do that until September the 26’th, Google will reward you with an extra 10 GB of space on Google Drive for the next 2 years, again, free of charge.

QuickOffice was taken over by Google back in 2012. The application was designed to be the mortal enemy of Microsoft’s Office, obviously and after Google’s acquisition, the app was slowly integrated into Drive, being used for viewing and editing Office files.

The free version of QuickOffice will only work if you have your files stored in Drive and it offers a new feature, it will enable its user to create .zip folders and also to view Powerpoint presentations or Excel charts/spreadsheets.

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