Gaming Android App Trends 2019

If a company intends to be competitive in any industry, they have to stay on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a lesson that has not been lost on the adult online gaming industry.

The online adult gaming industry has been growing at unprecedented levels. Over the last 10 years, the industry has seen double-digit percentage growth among adults who cherish the opportunity to play games of chance for real cash right from their PCs and mobile devices. In line with this explosive trend, the industry’s software developers have responded by making sure more customers have the access they are demanding. The current list of android casinos provides viable proof of the adult online gaming industry’s growth trajectory when compared to a list from just two years ago.

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The Shift of Focus to Android Devices

In the early years of adult online gaming, software developers provided website access to mobile users simply by optimizing the associated websites. The problem with this approach was many of the slot games had been developed through the use of early generation software development technology. The optimization process was only targeted towards games that had been developed via the latest HTML5 technology. As a result, it became quite common for players to only have access to 25% of a provider’s games. Clearly, this wasn’t a real solution but more of a Band-Aid.

To address this issue, the industry’s top software developers shifted attention towards developing mobile applications that were compatible with the most popular mobile operating platforms. At the time, the most popular operating systems were iOS (Apple) and Android with Android gaining on Apple every month. Today, most of the top websites offer free downloads of mobile apps for pretty much all mobile operating systems. With more than 50% of all adult gaming website interactions occurring through mobile devices, the importance of and desire for mobile app access figures to increase into the future.

The Next Generation – Addressing the Future

The adult online gaming industry has no intention of standing pat. The next generation of games will include games tied to Virtual Reality (VR). For Android app users, there will be a need for accessories that will enable them to enjoy playing VR table games and slots right from their mobile devices.

The is not unlike the VR revolution that took place in the video gaming industry about 10 years ago. The technology led to a very different gaming experience for video gamers, who craved more game interaction and realism. That’s exactly where the adult online gaming industry finds itself right now. The players are looking for ways to become more intimately involved in the games they are playing for real cash.

There’s no denying that putting on quality VR goggles with a quality game controller in hand is going to provide a very different and exciting adult online gaming experience. The task at hand for software developers is to recognize the growing popularity of Android as the world’s favorite mobile operating system. Not only do developers need to focus on providing access to games, but they need to make sure their Android mobile apps are available in multiple languages. Android access in the proper language could eventually be a driving factor in the continuing growth of the online gambling industry as it expands across Europe, Africa and Asia.

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