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Social media is full of goodness where you can connect, share and see amazing posts by different users of the world. However, it is more than this goodness as business owners get a digital market where they can engage global audience apart from physical market. It has eliminated the traditional market and traditional media by making the content available to large audience of different regions. No matter whether they are your follower or not they can still view the contents on Instagram. But, how it benefits the business users? More likes give them a lot of benefits which can be purchased.

How automatic Instagram likes works –

Instagram gives wide exposure to the users thus it is better than other social media networks. This is because millions of active users use it on a daily basis. This gives them a wide opportunity to improve the brand awareness to a large number of users and increase traffic on their site. Moreover, the changing algorithm of the instagram has again given a chance to users to avail benefits of services like Hence it is important for users to consider the benefits offered by these services and know how they work.

Automatic Instagram likes

Automatic likes are those created by bots and not by the real users. They like a new post the time it is upload. A code checks the user’s profile in every 1-3 min for a new post. As soon as it notices it gives a like. It boosts the engagement through promotion and impression to get more likes. The post can be anything from a single photo, a gallery post and a video post, every post will get auto likes. Moreover, views are also added to the impressions and video posts.

How do they work?

How automatic Instagram likes works – implements two modules on which it works- checking and promoting module. The first module checks the profile periodically repeatedly. Only registered profiles are checked by the module. The last post are stored which gets scraped on a change. It is then forwarded to promoting module. Active users on network will see the new post when the promoting module adds the same to the network. The module will stop running once the post gets desired number of likes.

In 1-3 min checking module send the post for promotion. Few more minutes will be required to get the engagement. So, overall it takes less than 10 minutes however in case the network is slow then it may take up to 30 minutes.

How to set up?

To get automatic likes, users have to follow few steps.

  • Register with the service
  • Login to the account
  • Get a new subscription by selecting a package
  • Verify the user account of instagram
  • Make few settings like how much likes you want on every post and how fast you need
  • Activate views or impressions, this is optional however
  • Buy the package by clicking on proceed
  • Set up is done and activated to get automatic likes

So, this is how you get automatic likes on every post. Is there any perk of using such services? Yes, there are, read below to know about the perks and benefits.

Perks of automatic likes-

  • Reputability-

Getting auto likes from a reputable service provide ensure getting real likes for the posts. This increases your credibility. Everyone wants a visible and strong identity of their business on Instagram. This will let you add popularity to your business. It will become more familiar and recognizable among the potential customers it has.

  • Popularity– more likes means more popularity. It will give you more organic likes and followers for the upcoming posts. Organic traffic will bring more followers that will show interest to your brand and product. This will benefits you on long term and give you a solid supports from the followers.
  • Time management– users can concentrate on other aspects of business despite focusing on getting how to increase likes. Your business will grow effectively and you don’t have to worry about maintain relationships with the customers on instagram.
  • Money saving- advertisements and making a brand image costs money. Those having less budget can use these services to save money on advertisements. This is one of the most cost effective ways to raise your business in months without spending huge sum of money that costs you more.
  • Greater interactions- you don’t only need likes you need interactions as well. You posts will get higher rankings if they get more engagement which will happen when you get more likes. People will comment and share it more which will ultimately get more engagement and increase ranking.
  • Jump in the competition– you cannot avoid competition in business. There will always be someone who has high number of followers. By getting automatic likes you can also give them tough competition which otherwise will take many years. Fill this gap with automatic Instagram likes.
  • Instant recognition– this is another benefit that otherwise would take years. Get more likes and get instant recognition in the industry. More and more people will love to connect with you. Be a leader in the market and influence the followers so that they don’t forget you quickly. Automatic likes will give you this instant recognition.

These benefits are for all users of Instagram. Anyone can buy Instagram likes easily. They can get according to their needs like 100, 300 or 10000 likes.


How many uploads are required?

It depends upon the package users select. They should upload at least 120 posts monthly.

Should I share my password?

Nope, no need to share password. The services will be delivered without your password. Only share your Instagram account to get the likes.

When will I start getting likes after subscription?

Users will get the service right 30-60 minutes after they subscribe. An email confirmation will be given before starting the services.


Automatic Instagram likes are cost effective and fastest way to get popularity without doing much. Define your needs and get what you need. However, choose only reputable site that give satisfactory results without getting your account banned.



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