Get Down with Gamelion Studios Boom Beats for Android

Boom Beats is a new Android game from Gamelion Studios that lets you break out the beats in a club setting as you try and hit the right rhythm to get the high scores. If you’re into musical games or games that require keen reflexes Boom Beats might just be the game for you. Boom Beat is a rhythm game similar to Rock Band where you’ll have to tap the screen at just the right time as the “beats” cross the line at the top of the screen. There are long taps and short taps, multipliers and energy bars; if you’ve played any other rhythm games you’ll be very familiar with the setup and have no trouble getting down to business. If you hit enough beats correctly you’ll eventually build up enough energy to set off the “boom bar” and while I have no idea what it does, I’m sure it’s something extreme with a lot of flashing lights and things. There seem to be 14 total tracks in Boom Beats that run the gambit from Dub Step to House, but you’ll only be able to access the first three in the free version. If you want to unlock all 14 tracks you can do so for the price of $1.99.


I’m not a huge fan of Rhythm games, but Boom Beats seems to be a good one that folks should enjoy. The tracks vary in difficulty and while I only played it briefly I did notice that if you miss a beat it really throws the actual song off unlike other games where the song continues unhindered. If you’re ready to break out the glow sticks and get your groove on you can check out Gamelion Studios Boom Beats for free on Google Play.

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