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You would have been reading or hearing about the term “Big Data” in the recent times. Big Data has been available from quite a long time but it came into limelight due to the increase in the demand for the skilled professionals in the market. In simple terms, Big Data and Data Analytics is about analyzing large amount of data coming from various sources and residing in a common repository/server to produce remarkable results. Everyone in the IT profession is able to realize that the Big Data has taken a greater leap in the International market. Most of the Professionals may be curiously waiting to take a bigger move in their career.

Big Data Analysts have the ability to gather the information and convert it into an understandable format, which will be readily available to the Organizations to make big decisions. Data Analysts aim to speed up the diagnosis of the problems to arrive at the factual information. The prospects for Data Analyst roles is very competitive in the market. Depending on the efficiency of the Analysts in the Organization and the techniques used in the research, the results will be more fruitful and realistic. This will allow them to work faster and deliver deeper insights in order to make critical decisions.

Analysis is crucial as well as challenging responsibility to bring out the valuable findings and identify the flow of the patterns to understand the trends. Analysis consumes a lot of time but it also opens the doors to many new opportunities to help the Management teams make smoother moves in the Business. Faster speed and accessibility of the Internet connectivity will significantly contribute to the large volumes of data. In the near future, small companies will also make use of Big data to enhance the existing process.

Large Organizations are eagerly looking for those skilled Analysts or Professionals who could thoroughly analyze different formats of data to develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges and stay ahead in terms of taking decisions in the Business for generating higher revenues. Based on the number of devices that are connected to the Internet now, it is predicted that there will be a tremendous rise in the volume of data in the enterprises by 2020 from various sources like social media, mobile, web data etc.

Here are a few real time scenarios on how Big Data has been helpful in various industries.

  • Retail Industry: Big Data has helped to customize the website based on the customer’s preferences. Amazon’s website is the best example to explain about the concept more precisely. For instance, when you shop for a particular product, the website shares additional offers like and make recommendations. This is possible by the data gathered and used to personalize the website for the ease of the Customer


  • Social Media: With the help of Big Data, Social Media is able to provide recommendations to the like-minded users, by carefully understanding the patterns of the activities of the user in the social networking sites. In turn, this helps to introduce new features in their websites.


  • Banking and Marketing sectors: Based on the networking profile of the Customer and discussions on the social media, various features of the product can be offered to the User


  • Manufacturing: Data is analyzed based on the important factors such as user reviews, discussions on the social networks and forums. Big Data plays a crucial role during the enhancement phase of the Product based on how others perceived the Product in the market


  • Healthcare: In Healthcare industry, Big Data tools are very beneficial to improve the quality of living by making efforts for an in-depth understanding of the condition of the patient so that the critical conditions can be detected at an early stage


  • Long running issues:

In India, Big data has helped in analyzing the issues efficiently to take action plans in many situations –

  • During the elections time, National Parties prepare various strategies to attract the voters before making stronger moves to win the elections
  • Water supply problems and distribution in various areas in Bangalore was resolved in partnership with IBM by identifying the water flow in large quantities through real-time monitoring
  • PNR prediction feature has been very helpful in Indian Railways. The accuracy rate has increased to a great extent as Big Data

Gradually, the Business users will opt for the Cloud computing for storing and processing the large volumes of Data. Many challenges have been encountered during the analysis of the Enterprise data so the usage of Cloud will rapidly grow as security level of Cloud is stronger when compared to other Third party servers. In order to avoid the adverse effects of the security breaches by outsourcing the Assignments, the Organizations are currently focusing on strengthening their brands in the market with the Big Data, mainly concentrating in understanding the potential of Big Data Analytics and hiring Data Analysts with unique skillsets. This will help in increasing the Business and increase the efficiency of operations at various levels to ensure that the data is available across the organization to make predictive outcomes and anticipate for the greater heights in the Business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is motivated by the neural system of our Brain and it has always been an interesting subject for research, with the objective of creating an AI to capture various patterns in the large amount of Data. In short, there is a lot of hope for the betterment with the Big Data. Large Organizations will appoint Humans to work parallel with the Robots and this digital-human combination will generate most positive results along with ROI.


  1. Based on the detailed analysis of the Data, Organizations can plan in advance
  2. Organizations can sell themselves in the better mode

The main limitation with the Big Data is that it becomes complicated to store the data together in the same location for advanced level of analysis. So Hadoop comes as a Handy solution in such scenarios where it acts as a repository to store large volumes of different formats of data in a single place. Merge of Big Data with the IoT (Internet Of Things) and Cloud will open doors for many wonderful opportunities.

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