Get Smurfy, Beeline Interactive’s Smurf Life is coming to Android

If you’re into village building games, chances are you’ve played the uber-popular Smurfs’ Village from Beeline Interactive. If you enjoy building those cute little mushroom houses just as much as I do hold on to your Smurfberries as we’re getting a follow-up to the game simply dubbed Smurf Life. Smurfs Village let you build a blue paradise, but Smurf Life looks to be something totally different as Gargamel is back in black. Gargamel does enjoy rocking black, but the black we’re talking about is actual darkness… no not the “The Darkness” from the comic books (that would be cool), but darkness as in absence of light. As Smurfs enjoy bright, fun, sunshiny things Papa Smurf is fighting back with a brand new Smurf which is where you come in as that new Smurf is you. Yup, you get to create your own Smurf to fight back against the darkness as you go on missions to rescue some of the more popular Smurfs from the series. Information is a bit vague on this one, but it’s supposed to drop before the end of the year. When it does you can bet your ass it’s going to be popular as there are a whole lotta’ Smurf fans out there. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more about the Smurfy little game. Site Referenced – Gamezebo

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