Go for the Kill in Feelingtouch's Zombie Frontier for Android

October is slowly approaching just like an oncoming horde of Zombies. If you want to get in the ghoulish spirit a little early this year Zombie Frontier from Feelingtouch is a new Zombie shooter that lets you lay waste to droves of the pesky undead. The premise of Zombie Frontier is a simple one as it appears the T-Virus has spread and you’re one of the only folks left which means it’s time to kick a little ass in true apocalyptic fashion. Before heading out you’ll get to pick your weapons from the shop along with any extra ammo or supplies you’ll need then it’s off to tackle some tricky tasks. Actually, the tasks aren’t all that tricky as you basically just have to survive a set number of zombies per stage. Zombie Frontier has around 12 different upgradable guns to unlock and as you’d expect some can be bought with cash while others require the dreaded ‘gold coin’ which is slow if not impossible to earn through playing. Zombie Frontier is a nice little Zombie shooter, but it’s really nothing different from what we’ve seen from countless other games of this nature. The graphics are good, the weapons are basically the same ones you get in other games, and the missions involve killing 25+ zombies per level. It’s a great game for some quick Zombie destruction, but if you’re looking for something groundbreaking you’ll want to look elsewhere. If you’re ready for a bit of quick fun you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Feelingtouch’s Zombie Frontier for free.

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