Goldgenie Now Taking Orders for 2018 Gold iPhone Xs – Billionaire Solid Gold edition

Yeah, you got that right, there’s going to be a solid gold iPhone Xs courtesy of Goldgenie, a company specialized in taking rich people for the proverbial ride. I am just kidding a little bit, but Goldgenie is now taking deposits for an iPhone that doesn’t exist just yet. The thing is, as far as I know, the iPhone Xs is not available, at least not for us, peasants.

However, Goldgenie wants to play it totally safe, and they’re now asking their potential customers for a deposit of $63,000, which is half of the actual price of their future 2018 Gold iPhone Xs – Billionaire Solid Gold edition. While $1000 for a smartphone is a lot to be asked for most of our readers, there are people out there who make that kind of money on an hourly basis (or better). Hence, the 2018 Gold iPhone Xs – Billionaire Solid Gold edition is targeted at those rich cats working in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street. Or maybe those Russian oligarchs and their best friends, the Saudi royal family. These are the only people I can think of who would be ready to spend Ferrari-money on a smartphone.

The Gold iPhone Xs would make for the blinged out version of the potential new iPhone model. And I am saying potential, because it’s not yet clear if Apple will actually build it. Now, talking about the price, i.e. the $127,000 price tag of the Gold iPhone Xs, with that kind of money you could buy an iPhone X right now, plus 3 kilos of gold (or 6 pounds for our US readers) in case SHTF. It’s not clear how much gold will be used in the Gold iPhone Xs by Goldgenie, but I doubt it would be more than a few ounces. Also, it would be interesting to know how the gold back of the iPhone Xs works with NFC or wireless charging. However, if you have $100k + to spend on a gadget, you don’t really need all the functionality now, is it?

source: Goldgenie


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