Google Allows App Developers to Scan Through your Gmail Account

According to an article from the Wall Street Journal,  one of Google’s many dirty secrets is that it allows application developers to sift through users Gmail addresses. Basically, Google allows third parties to read your email. There’s no other way to describe it. Software developers were allowed by the tech giant to scan/read the emails of hundreds of millions of Gmail users, Google’s proprietary email/communications service.

To give you an example, a company named Return Path is known to have collected specific data from users who have downloaded/installed one of its free applications. The data collected from these folks was further sold to marketers. Back in June 2017, Google announced that it will stop reading people’s emails due to privacy concerns. Prior to that, Google was admittedly reading/scanning users’ personal communications via Gmail in order to “serve” them with better targeted ads, and who knows what. Since June last year, Google allowed third parties to continue with this nefarious practice, proving that the world’s biggest tech company doesn’t care much about keeping people’s correspondence/data confidential.

Is there anyone out there who is NOT reading our emails? Truth be told, actually you do give your consent to Google to read your emails when you first sign on to their Gmail service. The same goes for other internet companies, like Twitter, Facebook et al.  Just because you are too lazy to read the terms of service, shouldn’t mean we should deny the rights to businesses to sell the information they acquire. After all, Gmail is free, and the truth is that there’s no free meal in this world. Hence, if you’re using “free services”, you should know that you’re the merchandise. You and your ” private data”. If you want to use their service, they expect something in return. If you object, don’t use the service, it’s that simple.

Gmail was free. Facebook was free. And then you found out it really wasn’t. You found out they were stealing your data and selling it to anyone willing to pay – political parties, researchers, and governments using taxpayer dollars. And now we have a problem with identity theft and bad credit. And I bet you’re still using them too.

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