Google Glass Records for the First Time in History an IRL Fight and the Following Arrest by Cops

Google Glass I don’t know if the title is very clear for you, but the general idea is that a cool dude, actually an independent film maker, wearing Google Glass, managed to record a fight and the police arresting the perpetrator, for the first time in history. As you can see, you are reading history in the making here. Can you imagine some old Hebrews wearing the Google Glass at the crucifixion of Jesus? Man, this high tech stuff makes you wonder sometimes, isn’t it? Moving along with the story, the guy who shot the scene is Chris Barret and he was wearing his Google Glass during July 4’th celebrations which took place at Jersey Shore. His intent was to film the fireworks from a Glass wearer perspective. But he got more than he initially intended, because he ended up recording a “real life” fight and then the police intervention, arresting the guy who started it. Let’s see what he declared in an interview, after uploading the clip on Youtube : “With Glass I went closer to the action than I probably should have and saw a couple fights going on. I think I got the first arrest with Google Glass … kinda cool!” He also mentioned that if he had a regular smartphone, he would never managed to catch the scene as it happened. And also, as you may imagine, if you are filming a street fight in an obvious manner, you may suffer the consequences like this guy who was filming the police from 50 yards as they were arresting someone and he ended up busted  and his dog got shot. I bet that if he was wearing Google Glass, nothing of this sort would ever happened. The question you may ask is if this is real citizen journalism or a clear invasion of privacy? You must take into account that this video was recorded without the consent/knowledge of those who were in the middle of the fight. As the explorer told in the interview : “I think if I had a bigger camera there, the kid would probably have punched me,”    Source : Youtube  

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