Google Intros Transit Navigation to Maps for Android 5.7

Google has just rolled out the updated Google Maps 5.7  for Android bringing in transit navigation in beta, as well as some new features that enhance the capabilities of the said Android app. The update is available now for Android phones and tablets. I was able to update my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but unfortunately not my Samsung Galaxy S II. I haven’t checked out the new features of Google Maps 5.7 for Android but according to Google aside from transit navigation, the update is also bringing in the following new features such as updated access to direction, better suggested search results and photo viewer for Place pages. As you all know Google Maps Navigation which is currently in beta right now offers more than 12 billion miles of GPS-guided driving and walking directions annually.  With the updated Google Maps for Android with Transit Navigation, you can now have access to GPS turn-by-turn navigation for public transit directions in more than 400 cities worldwide. The feature uses GPS in determining your current location together with your route and it alerts you when it’s time for you to transfer or get off a bus or train. Transit navigation will come in handy when you’re in a foreign country, allowing you to skip the daunting task of asking for directions. Aside from Transit Navigation, Google Maps for Android 5.7 also updated its direction service. The app now allows you to get access to step-by-step directions when you are driving or walking and you’ve selected a route supported by Google Maps Navigation. The Navigation icon will now automatically appear to show your next path. Also now, whenever you’ve clicked a directions in a Place page, the app will immediately take you straight to the map skipping the screen which shows you the various options for Driving Navigation, Walking Navigation and Directions. Other new feature of the updated Google Maps for Android include – improved search suggests particularly the addition of category icons and pin for Google places and a nice photo viewer for Place pages which you can browse while on the move. Google Maps for Android 5.7 is available now from the Android Market. If you currently have the app installed on your Android devices, simply hit the update button on your Android Market install to get the new version of the app. via [Official Google Blog]

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