Google Maps for Android 5.8 Brings Photo Uploads, My Places and Other Features

Time to fire up your Android Market app again folks as you will find an update prompt for the Google Maps Android app. The new version of this Google owned Android app is now available at 5.8 with several new features that will improve your experience particularly Google Places. The new features added to Google Maps for Android 5.8 include – the ability to upload photos, a simple way of managing the Places you’ve starred and recently viewed, descriptive terms for Places in search results and the ability to add a new Place when you’re checking in using your Android phone. So now when you checking in on a particular place via Places on Google Maps, you can now add photos of that particular place so that others may get a glimpse of how the place look like. Your photos can even become the profile photo of that particular page. Of course, you can always view or delete the photos you’ve contributed anytime by simply going to the “Photos for Google Maps” albums which are automatically created on your Picasa account. The next new feature of Google Maps for Android is something which was carried on from the desktop Google Maps. And this has something to do with descriptive terms in search results for Places. The app also now provides you with quick access to starred and recent Place pages you’ve looked at by simply accessing My Places on your phone’s menu button while Google Maps for Android is on. Finally, the updated Google Maps for Android now lets you add new Place when you’re checking in. This comes in handy especially if the place you’re checking-in still has no Place page yet. You can now see an “Add place” option at the bottom of suggested places. You simply select that option and the app will prompt you to confirm the name and location of the new place. The place you’ve added will then be available for you and others to check-in. Google Maps for Android 5.8 is available now as a free download from the Android Market.

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