Next Google Nexus 7 model on sale next week, $229 for 16GB and $269 for 32GB

new nexus 7

Well, what do we have here? The rumored successor to Google’s highly successful Android tablet, Nexus 7 just got a juicy price leaks by way of retail inventory survey. According to the leaked documents, there will be two models of the new Nexus 7 – 16GB and 32GB models with $229 and $269 retail prices respectively. The document also indicated a quad-core processor for the Nexus 7 tablet but nothing more has been given.

Earlier, it was rumored that the new Nexus 7 will be rocking a Snapdragon 600 processor but we have yet to find out whether this is true or not. But given the rumored price, it seems like this new Android tablet is another success in the making. We all remember of course how the original Nexus 7 tablet became an instant hit given its price and specs.

Anyway, for those of you who are already excited about the new Nexus 7, you’ll be glad to know that the leaked inventory documents also indicated that stores will receive the tablets on July 20. But don’t get your hopes up yet as it’s still uncertain whether it will be available for sale on that day. Retail stores will probably wait until the Google event scheduled on July 24.

So, who’s planning to get the nex Nexus 7 tablet when it comes out?

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