GRave Defense HD Free now available in the Android Market

Just as the title implies, ArtofBytes has released a free version of their popular game GRave Defense HD. This version will let you play through 4 levels in all their HD glory, including one massive bonus campaign level called “ZombiOZ” that’s been giving me a fit for a day or so now as I play the levels on Hard. You’ll also be able to play those levels in Campaign or Survival mode, and have 4 levels of difficulty to choose from. If you’ve played the old versions of GRave Defense, the HD versions are definitely a bit different. All the graphics look great, and a lot of the items have been upgraded as well. For those of you familiar with these awesome games, don’t worry they are just as difficult (in a good way) as they’ve always been. If you love Zombies GRave Defense HD is definitely something you should check out, and with the release of GRave Defense HD Free, everyone can get in on some High-Def Zombie killing!

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