Great Phone Apps to Prank Your Friends

Fart Cushion

Flatulence humour is one practical joke that has stood the test of time, whether you love it or hate it there’s someone surely out there playing one right now.

Much like the whoopee cushion where you sneakily place one on your target’s designated seat,  ‘Fart Cushion’ takes it a step further with its adjustable features.

‘Fart Cushion’ is basically a whoopee cushion in a phone.

As soon as you load the pranks app make the appropriate adjustments in your settings, and then place your phone on a seat where you believe your friend will sit.

Once your target sits on the phone, you will instantly hear a fart sound, making for some silly and harmless moments. It also has several fart effects to choose, giving more variety than your standard whoopee cushion.

Fart Cushion also has various built-in sensors; which are dependent on touch, accelerometer and GPS.

You can also adjust sensor sensitivity, so fart sounds will systematically play depending on the distance between the phone and your target.

A timer is also useful if you wish pranks to have a time delay so sound effects can be played at specific times, i.e. when your grandma comes around.

Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks provides prank calling excellence and convenience, offering a fantastic array of unique pranks readily available to use without the need for in-app purchases.

This intelligent app not only provides an abundance of hilarious prank scripts but can also deceive the most suspecting of minds by their human-like responses times during a conversation.

By anticipating dialogue and analyzing keywords Pranks sound fluent and natural during calls. As response-times are calculated to mimic regular people, it does a great job of disguising itself as one instead of a pre-recording.

With over 100 prank scripts available, it can be somewhat tedious to browse through all of them to find the right one.

Ownage Pranks has resolved this issue by dividing prank scripts into relevant prank categories depending on the script.

For example, if you want to prank a family member go to the ‘Family’ section or  ‘Jobs and Workplace’ for a work colleague.

Once you have found your preferred script, select your buddy’s contact number and then press call, phone calls are then recorded to be shared amongst friends and family.

If you feel your legendary prank call deserves more recognition, make a submission to their online community ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ where the very best are featured.

Mr Caller Free

Mr Caller Free is a fake incoming call app designed to prank friends with just about any scenario that comes to mind.

Want to trick your parents that you’ve got a new boyfriend when they’ve explicitly said you weren’t allowed? Answer your scheduled fake call and pretend to talk to your new love interest.

Its most commonly used for getting out of bad situations like a dull work meeting, enabling you to leave with a convincing reason.

Mr Caller Free stands out among other prank calling apps due to its cool customization features. Not only can you schedule a call but also an SMS, making it convenient when incoming calls are restricted.

Fake Caller profiles are also customizable where you can specify their name and number. If you choose to schedule multiple incoming calls throughout the day, you can designate a different caller profile to each one, making for creative and extensive pranks.

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

No prank calling list is complete without a good voice changer; these outstanding apps grant the ability to transform your voice to a multitude of hilarious sound effects.

Prank Calls are not only funnier but ensure that you remain entirely anonymous as nobody will be able to tell it’s you.

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro is a stand-out with its enormous selection of voice options.

If you want variety, then this app delivers.  Thirty-two voice modifications are available with ten being free and the remaining being purchasable within the app. Some of these are Disco Bot, Helium Voice, Chipmunk and many more.

As far as the app’s design and functionality are concerned, it has a fresh, futuristic feel to it, and with a neat UI, features are relatively easy to use.

Once you have made a voice recording its voice modification choices are impressive, not only transforming your voice into the sound effects available but can also change its pitch and modulation.

Parrot mode is also available, making a play-back with what you’ve said in a different tone of voice.

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