Hail to the King, Baby… Army of Darkness Defense hits Google Play

If you are a horror movie aficionado you’ve no doubt seen the Evil Dead movies. Army of Darkness Defense is a new Android Game from Backflip Studios that drops you into the medieval world of Army of Darkness. Yes, we now have an ‘official’ Evil Dead Android game and the news makes me feel a little like Linda Richman to be honest. It’s okay, I’m just a little verklempt… talk amongst yourselves… Army of Darkness Defense follows the storyline of the movie which means you get to play as Ash and yes he brought his boomstick along. The game picks up after ash has been dropped into 1300 AD and you’ll have to help him defend Lord Arthur’s castle and the Necronomicon. Enemies will come at you in waves, but you’ll get to use your trusty boomstick to send them back from whence they came. You’ll also get to summon allies to your aid, and you’ll need them if you plan on surviving all 50 waves. Army of Darkness Defense offers up more than 100 quotes from the flick, several special abilities (88’ deathcoaster included) and you get to meet up with all sorts of folks from the film including Sheila, the Wiseman, and Evil Ash. Army of Darkness Defense is just as cheezy as the movie and it’s by no means a bad thing. I’ve only played a few waves, but it’s been a blast so far literally and figuratively as your boomstick does a lot of damage. Needless to say if you’re a fan of Army of Darkness you’ll want to pick this game up. You can snag Backflip Studios Army of Darkness Defense for free on Google Play.

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