Head to Camp with Glu Mobiles Campers! for Android

As promised late last week Glu Mobile has released another slick Android Game and this time they’re taking us to the woods. Campers! is the newest release from Glu, and it’s the first game that I know of that lets you brave the rapids, build cabins, collect pine cones, and eat cookies. Campers! let’s you operate a summer camp where you’ll have to build new structures and keep the kids happy. Some of the structures you’ll get to build are cabins, greenhouses, and visitor centers… basically anything you’d see at most camps. Building things is really only half the game though as you have to keep your campers happy and full of energy. Unlike other games of this nature, your campers don’t wander around aimlessly while you wait for timed tasks to complete. Campers! lets you put your lil’ campers to work doing a lot of different things like clearing bushes, erecting buildings, planting gardens, and taking bus trips to do different activities. I’ve been playing Campers! off and on for a few days now and so far I really like what I see. There seems to be plenty to do in the game and I liked the unique way you direct your campers to tasks by simply tapping them and drawing a path. Campers! has a cool cartoonish style, and the combination of tasks and mini-games has been quite a bit of fun as well. If you like simulation or city/town building games you’ll definitely dig Campers! You can pick up Glu Mobile’s Campers! for free on Google Play.


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