Hipmunk Releases a Slick and Useful Travel Search App

Travel Search company Hipmunk has just release a slick-looking Android app simply called Hipmunk Flight Search. Basically, what this Android app do is to help you find the best flight using a robust travel search engine. In an interview with Gigaom, the app’s developer said that one thing that you should expect from Hipmunk Flight Search Android app is that it does not duplicate what its iPhone app does. This means that you’ll find some features that are unique to this Android app. Hipmunk gives you all the relevant flights on a timeline and helps you visualize the right choice when searching for the best flight. Unique to the app is the fact that it doesn’t give you the cheapest flight at first. Instead, it sorts the flights available by “agony,” incorporating important factors such as how long you’ll be travelling and how many stops you’ll make. Additionally, Hipmunk also helps you book easily right after you found the right flight. The app allows you to book the flight on your phone, email it to someone else or finish booking using your desktop computer.      Hipmunk Flight Search for Android is available now as a free download from the Android Market. If you’re planning to book a flight, you might want to check out this Android app now.  

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