How technological innovation will impact online casinos in 2021

The world of online casinos is changing quickly; incorporating new technological advancements to increase player satisfaction and safety. The global pandemic has driven many players inside, and the industry is rising to meet this new demand by advancing their platforms with exciting developments. You’d be forgiven for feeling unsure about online gambling, especially if you’re used to doing it down a brick and mortar bookies or physical casino – but it’s enjoying a huge boom, moving with the times to provide players with increased security and enjoyment.  

VR is, surprisingly, a huge arena for online casinos. By investing in this limitless new virtual space, casinos can introduce an immersive new social experience comparable to brick and mortar locations, allowing a level of interactivity beyond the games themselves. The industry has already taken significant notice of virtual reality’s potential, backing that up with high levels of investment. VR casinos allow players to create avatars, chat with other gamers, and even sit at a bar and spark up a cigarette (something which has been a distant dream in the UK for quite some time now).  

By emulating the sights and sounds of physical casinos, the online ones hope to tempt players with a preference for real locations over the fence. Even the most enjoyable and technologically secure online casinos have been unable to replicate the social/physical appeal, and by replicating that with VR, they hope to draw in new players. This all comes with the benefit of convenience, too – which is a massive bonus for fitting in some quick games in the current global climate.  

VR casinos are still a relatively new area for the industry, and they’re constantly improving, adding new games, new ways to interact, and better environments. Getting involved with it now will allow you to see just how much potential this has, and you can always back it up with standard online betting while you play. Here’s a list of online sports betting sites, which will give you an easy introduction to online betting if you’re unsure.  

If you’re interested in VR casinos but have doubts about whether or not it’s accessible for you, it’s actually cheaper and easier than ever to get started. The release of the Oculus Quest 2 has made it possible to enjoy quality VR experiences without an expensive PC to back it up, and these environments are designed to be as high quality as possible without resulting in any immersion-breaking lag. You can explore exotic, luxurious locations at a tiny fraction of the price, and built in voice-chat enables you to talk with dealers and other players without the risk of getting lost in a distracting wall of text.

Online casinos and betting sites have also started incorporating blockchain – the technology that powers cryptocurrency – into their security. If this sounds overly complicated, it really isn’t – it’s just a secure way of tracking ledgers, odds, and other sensitive information in a way that cannot be tampered or discreetly accessed. Many online casinos also accept crypto-currency, which means it’s possible for players to place bets without entrusting their credit card information to the site – this is an increase in peace of mind all round, and we’re sure to see it become the standard in the years to come.

Online gambling platforms can adopt new technology at a much faster rate than traditional venues – this adaptability gives them a significant edge over brick and mortar casinos, especially when combined with the extra convenience and player safety technology they can offer. With their increasingly innovative forays into the virtual reality industry, they may well be able to recreate some of the appeal of their older competition in an easily accessible package. We probably don’t have huge gambling holo-deck type setups on the horizon, but the widespread implementation of innovations will definitely serve as a fantastic addition to player options.

It’s completely fair to feel a little bit uncertain about it, but it’s definitely worth doing some further reading if you still feel like you’re on the fence. VR could well be the future of most forms of entertainment, and blockchain is changing the way security works around the world – and whatever changes, online casinos are going to change with it.

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