How to Boost Your Gaming Performance on Android Devices?

Android tools have many features that help boost the performance of Android devices. These tools help the app developers as well as the android users to accelerate the device performance in terms of battery life, graphics, stability and such.

The android boosting features are known as “Developer options”. These can be found in device settings and need to be activated to avail the services. Following are the tips on how to use these services to improve gaming performance on your device.

Options to set in Android Developer

To improve the gaming experience, activate ‘Developer Options’ in device settings. Next is to look for Force4xMSSA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing) option in the menu and enable this. Upon enabling this option, your Android device is powered in a way it gives you access to run your games in the awesome quality including video slots games. This is due to the usage of 4x multi-sample anti-aliasing by Android in games written in OpenGL 2.0.

But, gamers should know that this option will make your device consume more battery power. Hence, it is recommended to use the phone during gaming with a fully charged battery. And players should not forget to turn this option off after they are done gaming.

Unwanted Background services and How to deal with them

At times, background apps keep working due to which ram memory drainage and battery drainage of the android devices happen. The background apps are usually the social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, email services and such that keep sending notifications making the processor works much than usual.

Many might think that smartphone devices and tablets are designed in such a way that they consume less battery power and ram memory. But in the background they often do. Hence, disable these background services to avail an improvised gaming experience. Now the users get to disable the background services altogether or they can choose a few.

To disable the background services, go to the Developer options, search for ‘Processes’ or ‘Running Services’ and find out your RAM usage and accordingly make the changes.

Install Apps to Boost your Device

There are several apps available in the Play store that will boost your device performance and help improvise your gaming experience especially in terms of graphics quality. Now, these boost apps have an awesome feature that makes the needed changes temporarily and later set back the settings to default once you are done playing your game. Some of the leading boost apps include DU Speed Booster, Swift Gamer, Systweak Android Cleaner, Game Booster 3 and such.

For the Samsung users, there is an option of Game Launcher available in the device itself. They can make use of it to avail that happening gameplay. This tool helps users to achieve a focused gaming experience without any disturbance of quality or graphics.

There are many hidden options in devices that are waiting to be discovered and used by the users. These definitely increase device performance in better ways.

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