How to get T-Mobile’s $30/month unlimited data smartphone plan


If you don’t talk on your mobile phone much, but like to use apps, navigation, or any other kind of data-absorbing functions, you know how important a good data plan is. What if we told you that you could pay about $30/month for unlimited data, with the first 5MB at top speeds? Now we’re talking!

The Consumerist recently highlighted the low-cost plan, so we thought it was a good opportunity to let everyone know how to get it. The monthly plan is for 100 minutes of talk, with unlimited data and text. This is great for data hogs who may not need to chat much. Data consumption with decreased talk minutes are increasingly the need of many users, which is why we see data sharing plans from carriers like Verizon.

Keep in mind, this is on the T-Mobile network, which may not be the best in your area. We suggest using Open Signal Maps before considering any new plan, as it will give you a detailed map of which carriers and what service works best in your area.

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

Finding the plan

On a personal note, this is the plan I have, and can say it is a really nice option for me. I make most calls at home, via Google Talk (I have kept Google talk alive in Gmail until Hangouts can make calls). I rarely make phone calls on my phone, so 100 minutes of talk per month is fine for me. I do use navigation quite a bit when out and about, and also subscribe to All Access on Play Music.

Finding the plan can be tricky, as T-Mobile doesn’t make it immediately noticeable. To find it, you’ll need to visit T-Mobile’s prepaid site, which is also not easy to locate from their main site. After you find the landing page, you’ll see a header of “Unlimited talk + text + web plans”. Tucked at the bottom of that little box, you’ll see a “Browse plans” link. Once you click that, you’re on your way.

After navigating to that page, you’ll see a listing for the plan. There is no way to select it, but if you navigate back towards the top of that page, you’ll see the header “Get Started”. Under that, there will be the option to shop for phones, or bring your own device. This is the turning point.

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