HTC One gets a mic Check

htcmic It appears that an error was made at some point in the production logistics of the HTC One. The Taiwan based manufacturer apparently made a mistake in good faith by including a specific microphone into the build of the HTC One. Last month a Netherlands court had ruled that ST Microelectronics had started selling their new dual membrane microphone 6 months before the end of a 12 month exclusivity agreement ended with Nokia. The microphones that where sold within this “illegal” 6 month sales period went to HTC and ended up in the HTC One. htcmic2 Fortunately for HTC the court also ruled that HTC did not know what was going on and bought the microphones in good faith. The court went ahead to rule that ST Microelectronics had to continue to abide by the exclusivity agreement and also extended the agreement by another 6 months in response to the violation. What this means to HTC is that they will be allowed use whatever they have purchased thus far from ST Microelectronics HTC recently released a statement confirming that they have also been allowed to use the rest of the purchased ST Microelectronics products. Below is the statement via HTC. “In light of several misleading stories regarding a recent injunction obtained by Nokia against STM (a supplier of components to HTC in The Netherlands) HTC looks to clarify the following points: • Nokia has NOT obtained an injunction in The Netherlands, or anywhere else, against the HTC One. • The Dutch proceedings were brought by Nokia solely against STM. HTC was not sued by Nokia in the Netherlands. • The Dutch injunction prohibits STM from selling certain microphones to any company other than Nokia for a limited period. • The judgment against STM states that HTC can continue to use microphones already purchased from STM in its products, because they were purchased in good-faith. Nokia’s attempt to obtain a recall of microphones already sold to HTC failed. • HTC will transition to improved microphone designs once its inventory of STM microphones is exhausted.”-HTC   Source- engadget

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